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Seamless stainless tubes

Table 1. Dimensions of seamless stainless pipes

Table 2. Application of seamless stainless pipes

PED certificate - rury zimnowalcowane

PED certificate - rury gorącowalcowane cz. I

Certyfikat PED - rury gorącowalcowane cz. II

ISO certificate

ISO certificate 2001:2008

ISO certificate 2001:2015

Conformity certificate acc. ASTM

Conformity certificate acc. GOST 9940-81

Conformity certificate acc. GOST 9941

Certificate of the Department of Environmental Protection

UDT authorization certificate

UDT authorization certificate - extension of the certificate validity

Stainless welded pipes

Table 1. Dimensions of welded pipes

Stainless steel sleeves

Table. Stainless steel sleeves